23 Jul

Cleaning tips – Spring Green


Carrying out a full ‘spring’ home cleaning can be done anytime of the year.We just need to devote some more attention and love to our home. Ensure you read the tips in this post before you start the heavy duty and opening all the chemical cleaning products for an eco-friendly and cheap method you can sue to get your home clean and shining.

The natural difference

Many cleaning product is filled with different chemicals that can cause skin irritation and they are not also environment friendly. Now there are concerns being raised due to these chemicals effect on asthma and eczema and skin allergies.

Your kids can also safely participate using these tips, ideas and ingredients in the subsequent paragraphs and this will give you a great opportunity to show your kids how simple working with the planet is.

Baking Soda (Bicarbonate of Soda)

Baking soda dissolves grease and can be more useful when added to lemon juice or vinegar to make them abrasive. It can also be used as for deodorising in dishwashers and fridges and as a water softener.

  • Mix together with a little water to breakdown grease and grime.
  • Apply dry on carpets to remove stains.
  • Soda Bicarbonate can be used to neutralize strong odours.
  • Make use of a damp sponge and smear on stains on general surfaces.
  • When drains are blocked pour some on the plug holes and pour some vinegar over.
  • Soda Bicarbonate also can be sprinkled on carpets prior to vacuuming them up.

Olive oil and vinegar

  • Make use olive oil to eliminate of finger marks that are on the surface of stainless steel and utensils. Apply a little on the towel and rub on the finger marks.
  • White vinegar can be used for all-purpose cleaning.  Carrying out the work of cleaning and deodorise at the same time. below are a few of its uses:
  • For bathroom and kitchen cleaning use 50/50 mixed together with water.
  • Apply an egg cup full inside your washing machine to use instead of softener. It is good for cloth or towels nappies because the coating fabric softener makes them less absorbent.
  • An amazing descaler: Soak paper towels inside vinegar, wrap them around taps, cover them using plastic bags and tighten the mouth with elastic band and leave for some hours.Your taps will become brand new.
  • Clean your windows using vinegar and water.

Lemon juice

  • Can be used to dissolve scum, especially in hard water areas. You can mix it with vinegar to form a cleaning paste that is going to eliminate tough stains and can also be used as a bleaching agent.
  • Blend a cup of olive oil with 1/2 cup of lemon juice and pour it into a spray bottle and use it as a furniture polish. Spray just a little on and rub it all over. The lemon juice will take-off the dirt,while the olive oil will make it shiny. Use a dry cloth to Buff.
  • Making use of lemon juice for microwave smells is great. Apply some slices inside a bowl of water and microwave it with high power for some minutes.
  • Mix olive oil and lemon juice together to produce furniture polish. (add twice the amount of olive oil to lemon juice)

Essential oils

  • If you soak nappies try some drops of tea tree rather than bleach.  This is going to make them last a lot longer.
  • Dispose-off your antibacterial spray and make yours using some drops of lavender, a little drops of tea tree and a few eucalyptus oil in the winter period or citronella in the summer.
  • Apply some drops of essential oil into play-dough that is home-made so that it gives good smell.  Lavender or eucalyptus in the wintertime for colds.

  More eco-friendly household tips

  • You can use a candle to eliminate smells (ensure you are careful with kids and naked flames).
  • Try making use of Eco-Balls rather than liquid or washing powder in your machine, it is good if your kid has sensitive skin.
  • Anytime you replace your white goods purchase the one that is very affordable, ‘A’ being best.
  • Make use of washing line anytime you can, however, if it is necessary you make use of the tumble use the dryer balls. They can reduce drying time and soften fabric.
  • Using a steam cleaner is an effective method of cleaning without chemicals.
  • You can use sunlight to bleach out stains.



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